Do You Ask For Help?

November 17, 2022

Are you reluctant to ask for help?

Often times we think that asking for help is a sign of weakness. 
Or incompetence. 
Or a lack of independence. 

We think that if we ask for help we might be bothering others.

Or we think that someone will judge us for not knowing how to do it ourselves. 

But what if the opposite were true?

What if someone was flattered that you asked for their help?
What if someone felt empowered that you thought of them to help you?
What if someone found joy in helping others?

Many of us suffer in silence when we don’t know how to do something or just need someone’s help.

There is so much fear of embarrassment, rejection, judgment, etc., so we convince ourselves it is better not to ask at all. 

But the consequences of not asking for help are shame, burnout, resentment, and procrastination.

If we just learn the art of asking for help, we would save ourselves a lot of time and unnecessary suffering. We become more efficient and less stressed. 

If asking for help is something you struggle with and don’t know how where to begin, let’s chat. This is exactly the kind of work we do in life coaching.

You can take your first step in asking for help by scheduling your free consultation with me by clicking
here. I am here to help. 

Happy Wednesday!
xo, Jackie

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