Don't Stop Believing, Jackie de Crinis Life Coach

Don’t Stop Believing

June 2, 2021

Believe and you are halfway there.  
-Theodore Roosevelt

When I was in college, I had dreams of living near the beach, being my own boss, and helping people feel better.  More specifically, I wanted to be a doctor and live in Malibu. 

Neither of those things happened, and I ended up on a very different path. 

I went to work as a secretary in the television business. I ran errands, typed rejection letters, filed endless paperwork, and fetched a lot of cups of coffee. It was a thankless and humbling job. I kept my head down, worked hard, and focused on getting out of my cubicle into my own office someday.

Through many years of hard work, I eventually got promoted into my first, tiny, windowless office. Not much of an upgrade from my cubicle, but at least I had a door. 

With more hard work, I received numerous promotions, and with that came bigger offices and windows! I was not an overnight success, but eventually, I worked my way up to a top-level creative job that included a corner office with floor-to-ceiling windows on the top floor of a 35-story office building. 

It looked like I had finally made it to the top.  Sort of…

While it was a long and successful career, I always felt like I was buckling under the relentless pressure of 60+ hour work weeks, toxic people, politics, and always feeling like it could all come crashing down with one wrong step. 

No matter how much success I achieved, I always felt like I was surviving my career instead of enjoying my life. 

I wanted to get back to my original dream:

Live near the beach, be my own boss, and help people feel better. 

Believing that it was possible was the first step to making a change. 

I didn’t know exactly how I was going to make such a big change, but I just kept taking baby steps forward. 

Eventually, I left Hollywood and moved to Maui, so I finally got to my beach. 🌴☀️

I said goodbye to my corporate job, my layers of bosses, and my 60-hour workweek.

I retired my pantsuits and high heels for tee-shirts and yoga pants. After much soul-searching and continued education, I became a Life Coach. 

Now, I am my own boss.
I make my own hours, and most importantly… 
I help people feel better. 

Life doesn’t always unfold in the exact way we imagined. In my case, I took a small detour for about 30 years, but I never let go of the dream that I would someday love what I do and help others while doing it. 

So, if you are feeling like you want to make a change or get back to that dream that was never fully realized, I would love to help you. It all starts by clicking here and setting up a free consultation.

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