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Learning How To Speak Up

March 15, 2023

When I was working at the USA Network, “Sharknado” premiered on our sister channel the SyFy Network. In 2013, “Sharknado” was the highest-rated movie in the history of the channel. They went on to make five more sequels. 

It eventually had a theatrical release and the total franchise made close to $800 million dollars. 

This was all because one executive (Tom Vitale) thought it was a cool idea and was not afraid to speak up. 

Speaking up in the workplace (or any place) is often very challenging.

We are all so afraid of rejection, failure, and stepping on toes that many of us sit back and don’t share our ideas. 

I spent decades in the television business and it was always a political gauntlet to speak up in meetings while trying to contribute value to the conversation.

Sometimes it went great.

Sometimes it went poorly.

Sometimes it was as if I was not speaking at all. 

True story: I had one boss that every time I spoke, it was as if he couldn’t hear me. My male colleagues would often repeat the exact thing I would say moments later, and then my boss would say, “That’s a great idea!”

I took it in stride because a year later, we ended up being the #1 cable network with the biggest hit show… and many more to follow.

In today’s episode of “The OverThinker’s Guide to Joy,” I interview executive coach, Ivna Curi, to talk about some practical tips for finding your voice in the workplace. Listen to it here or on Apple, Spotify, or YouTube. 

Happy Wednesday!


P.S. Are you looking for help to find your confidence to speak up? Whether it is in the boardroom or just in the dining room? If so, then schedule a time to talk with me about coaching here.

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