Learning To Celebrate Yourself

August 17, 2022

I just celebrated another birthday. 

Not a big one… just another year around the sun. 

Birthdays have always been complicated for me. Not so much the aging process, but the expectation that my birthday should have something special or magical about it. 

But in the same breath, I don’t want anyone to make a fuss, so somehow they are always just a little anti-climactic. 

Sound familiar?

So this year, I am trying a new approach. Rather than putting all the pressure on the ONE day to be “perfect,” I decided to refer to August as my birthday MONTH… and just keep celebrating the celebration going with:

Lunches and Dinners with family and friends.
Treating myself to a little shopping.
And like Marie-Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake.”

Which I have done my fair share of too.

Celebrating is an important part of our emotional well-being.

In today’s podcast, The OverThinkers Guide to Joy, I talk all about the importance of Celebrating Yourself!

You can listen to it by clicking here or any of these links for Apple, Spotify, or YouTube.  

Happy Wednesday!
xo, Jackie

P.S. If you are looking to create more joy (and celebrations) in your life, let’s chat. You can schedule a time with me by clicking here.

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