Live, Laugh, Love

May 18, 2022

I love to laugh. 

I love being around people who make me laugh, and I love making other people laugh too. 

It not only FEELS good to laugh, but it is also GOOD FOR US.  

Laughter is one of the best anti-depressants, and there is scientific evidence that it supports our immune systems too. 

The BEST part about laughing is the connection it creates between human beings. It’s a bonding mechanism.

As it turns out, humor is good for business too. 

Studies show that when the boss has a good sense of humor, employees are happier AND more productive. 

Humor is also a secret weapon in marketing and advertising.

So if you can find the humor in something, even the hard stuff, everything feels a little easier and a lot more fun. 

In today’s episode of The OverThinker’s Guide To Joy, I talk about how “Laughter Is The Best Medicine” for life. You can listen here or on Apple, Spotify, Amazon podcasts, or YouTube. 

If you are in need of reconnecting to more joy (and laughs) in your life, let’s chat. You can book your free consultation right here

Happy Wednesday!

xo, Jackie

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