One More Lesson From Graduation Season

June 8, 2022

As many of you know, it has been a month of milestones and celebrations in my house.

First my own high school reunion, then my youngest daughter’s high school graduation, as well as a family reunion. All good things, but boy did it bring up a lot of emotions:

-Feelings of nostalgia.
-Great moments of joy. 
-Enormous pride. 
-And some intense melancholy… mostly due to the passage of time. 

Typically, I am someone who embraces change, progress, and new opportunities. But with my last child graduating, it stirred up something deep inside of me. 

I felt every little moment of the events leading up to her final days of high school:

Prom, Tennis team playoffs, State Championships, Finals, AP Exams, Senior Trip, Senior Luau, Graduation, Grad Night, and a Family Reunion. 

While I held my breath that she would get through it all, without anything going awry, she showed up to ALL of her events with confidence and grace. 

Her maturity and radiance made me so proud… and even more of a blubbering mess. 

I learned a lot about her in these past few weeks and about myself too. 

The thing I learned about her is that she is more grown-up than I ever realized.

The thing I learned about myself is that my inner-perfectionist still needs a wrangler at times. 

These past few weeks were a great reminder that I cannot control everything, but I can still learn. 

And my biggest lesson learned was from my daughter, who constantly reminded me, “It will all be fine. I got this.”

And she did.
And she does.
And I’m still a little choked up about it.

But I had another great lesson from these watershed events, and that is the subject of today’s episode on “The OverThinker’s Guide To Joy.”  You can listen to it here or on Apple, Spotify, Amazon podcasts, or YouTube. 

If you are going through a transition in your life and need some help, let’s schedule a time to chat. Just send me a message and we’ll set it up. 

Happy Wednesday!

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