The Power of Your Thoughts

August 5, 2022

Do you feel a little uneasy when things are going TOO well?

Do you think things have to be stressful in order to be productive?

When things are finally running smoothly, do you think that it’s just a matter of time until the “other shoe drops?”

This is a classic OverThinker’s go-to pattern.

Our minds love to go looking for problems when things get too quiet because some of us never learned to relax into the calm.

We have trouble with being present. 

We think that if we let our guard down then we won’t be prepared for the next hurdle, challenge, or crisis.

But I want to offer you some alternative thoughts:

-It’s okay to embrace the calm.
-You are allowed to exhale.
-You are invited to stop and smell the roses. 
-You have permission to enjoy your life.
-You can celebrate the little things… and the big things too. 

If that sounds good, but you don’t know how. Check out today’s episode of “The OverThinkers Guide to Joy,” I talk all about the power of your thoughts. 

You can find the podcast on Apple, Spotify, or YouTube.  
xo, Jackie

P.S. If you would like to learn how to feel less anxious and embrace the good stuff, let’s set up a time to talk about coaching. You can schedule your consultation with me right here.


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