The Overthinker's Guide to Joy with Jackie de Crinis | 4 Essential Habits to Reducing Stress: Observe Your Levels

Ep #2: 4 Essential Habits to Reducing Stress: Observe Your Levels

September 15, 2021

In last week’s episode, we discussed the importance of hydration when it comes to basic self-care and managing your stress. And in part two of this HOME series, we’re discussing my second go-to habit for overthinkers: Observe Your Levels.

Observe Your Levels refers to two things: what you eat, and how much you sleep. And it sounds pretty basic, but you’d be surprised at how little discipline I see around these two categories. So many of us use food and sleep as if it were a warm blanket when we need some comfort. But when we are mindful in these areas especially, we can start using food and sleep to our advantage.

Lots of us throw out words like sad, anxious, depressed, without doing our HOME Work. Now, I’m not talking about clinical depression and conditions like that. But if you notice that you feel a slump at a similar time every day where your energy and your mood are low, observing your levels is going to be the key to overcoming this. And I’m showing you how on this episode of The OverThinker’s Guide to Joy.

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What You Will Discover:

  • Why being mindful around how you consume food is so important.
  • The ways that we unconsciously weaponize food and self-sabotage at mealtimes.
  • How to start using food as the high-performance fuel that your body needs.
  • The link between food and sleep and how not being mindful of one interrupts the other.
  • What I mean when I talk about sleep hygiene and how to ensure your time spent sleeping is truly restful.
  • How to Observe Your Levels and discover what your body needs to perform at its optimal level.

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