Is Your Inner Critic Holding You Back?

December 8, 2021

Do you know that voice in your head that is always making you doubt yourself?

It’s the one that says really negative things. 

Judge-y things. 

The voice that keeps you from taking risks.

The voice that tells you why something WON’T work before you even begin. 

It’s the one that uses GUILT and SHAME to keep you feeling insecure and uncertain.

The one that obsessively uses the word SHOULD.

You SHOULD be doing this. 
You SHOULDN’T be doing that. 
You SHOULD have said this. 
You SHOULDN’T have said that. 

This unwanted houseguest in your brain is your Inner Critic. 

We all have one, but some are noisier than others. 

Most of us have lived with this voice for so long, we don’t even realize how often it gets in our way. 

It sabotages our creativity. 

It undermines our bravery. 

It limits our success.

While your Inner Critic may have become a permanent resident in your head, it does NOT have to run the show. 

There are ways to quell and silence that voice, and I talk all about it and my own Inner Critic on the latest episode of The OverThinker’s Guide to Joy, which you can listen to here

Happy Wednesday!

P.S. If you are tired of being held hostage by your own thoughts. and want to move forward in some aspect of your life, I invite you to set up a consultation with me here

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