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Perfectionism and Procrastination

July 22, 2021

Did you know that procrastination and perfectionism often go hand in hand? Kind of like the flip side of the same ugly coin. 

And they are both monster energy drains. What are some of the tell-tale signs you suffer from one or both of these habits?

-You are always working to the point of exhaustion.

-You always want things to be perfect but are never truly satisfied with your work.

-You wait until the last possible minute to finish a project.

-You start new projects with gusto but have trouble completing them.

-You are always looking for validation from others.

When we indulge in these patterns, they will eventually lead us to burnout and low self-esteem.

The key questions are where does the need for perfectionism come from? And why does it often manifest in the form of procrastination?

Both conditions stem from FEAR.

Fear of being judged. 

Fear of making a mistake. 

Fear of not being good enough. 

Fear of doing it wrong. 

Fear of failure. 

AND the most shocking of all… Fear of Success.  

Fear of Success is also known as self-sabotage. We are so busy judging ourselves or anticipating how others MIGHT judge us, that it prevents us from completing projects or following through.

When we avoid completion, we avoid judgment. Or so we think.  

So how do we stop our inner-perfectionist/procrastinator from taking over our lives? It starts with breaking down goals into small actionable steps and getting coached. I can show you how to change this habit that is getting in the way of your success, your goals, and your happiness. 

Is perfectionism holding you back from creative freedom, money, and joy? If so,I can help you.

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