Permission To Have Fun

November 9, 2022

For the first time in almost 20 years, my adult siblings and I took a vacation together.  While we do get together for big events, it was quite the feat to get us all together for an ACTUAL vacation. 

My eldest brother planned and hosted the trip for the four of us and our partners, and it was glorious. We went to beautiful hotels, ate wonderful food, saw historical sites, walked, talked, and lounged around. But most of the time, we just told stories and laughed. 

Taking time off and giving myself permission to unplug is not something that comes naturally to me. I have always been a bit of a workhorse, and even when I am not at work, I am wired to think that I ALWAYS have to be productive. 

Call it what you will: Type A. Workaholic. OverThinker. Potato. Pot-ah-to. 

Spending over 30 years in the dog-eat-dog television industry probably didn’t help that hard wiring that I was born with. I had an unconscious fear of letting my guard down and losing momentum. 

Life Coaching was instrumental in changing my mindset, and this is something that I now help my clients with too.

Many clients share their fears of taking time off, having fun, or just unplugging. They are afraid of losing their motivation, and stamina, or being replaced by someone else.

But the opposite is true. 

It is important to carve out time for fun, and TRUST that you will come back BETTER than before BECAUSE you took time off. 

Giving myself permission to have fun, and spend time with people I love, was healing for my soul and inspired my latest episode of The OverThinker’s Guide to Joy podcast. You can listen by clicking hereor wherever you get your podcasts.

If you struggle with giving yourself permission to have fun or unplug, let’s chat. You can schedule a free consultation with me by clicking here.

Happy Wednesday!

xo, Jackie

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