Trust Yourself

November 2, 2022

Do you trust yourself?

Or do you find you are always looking to others for validation? Do you feel the need to discuss every little thing before making a decision?

It is really common for people to stop trusting themselves after something went wrong. 

It might be the loss of a job. 
A breakup. 
A series of unlucky circumstances. 

Or it might be something as silly as someone saying, “What were you thinking?”  Or “I told you so.”

Sometimes that’s all it takes to create a spiral of doubt, and then, we start to second-guess ourselves.

Big decisions regarding careers, relationships, or spending money are often the hardest decisions to make. But chronic indecision can eventually trickle down to the little stuff like:

“What should I eat?” 
“What should I watch on TV?”
“What do I even like? Or want?”

Everything becomes a cascade of decisions and overwhelm, and it is because we simply stopped trusting ourselves. 

We lost faith in our own intuition.  We no longer trust our gut because we made a mistake or two… or three. 

And now, we THINK we are way off course. 

So, how do we get back on track??

Give yourself permission.
Permission to decide. 
Permission to fail.
Permission to try again. 

It starts with one thought: 

“I Trust Myself.”

Write it down.
Say it out loud.
And before you know it, you will be making decisions like a boss. 

Happy Wednesday!
xo, Jackie

P.S. If you need help learning to trust yourself again, let’s chat. You can schedule a free consultation simply by clicking here.

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